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Central Air Conditioner Repair in Mississauga and Oakville

Halton Peel ClimateCare offers quick and reliable air conditioner repair in Mississauga and Oakville.

When it comes to central air conditioning, there are numerous factors to take into consideration to choose the right air conditioning system for your home. These factors include the size, noise level, energy efficiency, and quality.

General Guidelines for Sizing (no other factors included)
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Sizing: The size of the air conditioner is measured in tons of cooling. It is determined by the square footage, type, and age of your home. Influences such as shade, skylights, and southern exposure windows also affect the heat gain of your home and consequently the correct size of air conditioner required.

Noise Level: Sound levels for air conditioners are measured in decibels. The lower the decibel rating, the quieter the air conditioner. Sound level should be taken into consideration when selecting your new system. If the air conditioner condenser is in your backyard or between two homes where it can resonate, you should choose a quiet unit with a low decibel rating, generally between 68 to 72 decibels.

Energy Efficiency: All air conditioners are rated for energy efficiency according to a SEER rating (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating). The higher the SEER rating, the more efficient the air conditioner, resulting in lower electrical consumption. A professionally installed high SEER system can be up to 50% more efficient than your old air conditioning system.

Quality: All ClimateCare air conditioners are built to exacting standards for quietness, quality, comfort, and longevity, boasting some of the lowest decibal ratings, highest quality, and longest warranties in the industry. In addition our professional installation ensures maximum efficiency and long lasting repair free operation.

Rebates: Some provincial government rebates are still available from the Ontario Power Association through the Cool Savings Rebate Plan and are submitted on your behalf with the purchase of a new air conditioner. We do all the paperwork.

Replacement Quotes: Ask for a free no obligation in home consultation from a Halton Peel ClimateCare home comfort advisor. He’ll help you  to select the air conditioning system that right for you and your home!

For quality air conditioning repair in Mississauga and Oakville, you can rely on our courteous professional technicians to provide you with a quick and accurate assessment of the repairs necessary to get your system up and running quickly and efficiently.